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Thursday, 14 June 2012

Urban Decay's Shocking Moral U-Turn

So Urban Decay is now tested on animals. 

ARE YOU KIDDING ME? This has to be a joke, right?
It's true.
They, like Estée Lauder, Mary Kay and Avon, have decided to sell their products in China. They have now lost their cruelty-free certification. This is the same Urban Decay who prints on all their products the phrase "We don't do animal testing, how could anyone?" How indeed.

They released a statement, which has since been taken down, claiming they were only going into China to help change things from the inside. If you'll believe that, you'll believe anything! There was so much PR spin in their statement, I was getting dizzy! The press release can now be read here: Temptalia

I am outraged by this turn of events. Urban Decay is insulting our intelligence by trying to paint themselves like the good guys in all of this, when everyone can see the move is simply a money-making exercise.
Urban Decay's profit from China
So I did what I always do in extreme situations such as this.

Send a stern email!

I now present said email for your perusal.

To: u2@urbandecay.com; jdouglass@urbandecay.com
Subject: RE: Animal testing
Hello Jennifer,
I have read the original press release published at www.urbandecay.com/chinainfo (it has been taken down now). Urban Decay claims it is moving into China because 'Change can only happen from within. When we enter the Chinese market, we will do our part to help make those changes.' This is blatant whitewashing, as if Urban Decay had done their research, they would know that Peta has been working closely with Chinese government officials and researchers to change the laws, and they are in the final stages of approving the first non-animal tests (source). If you wanted to change things, you could invest in non-animal research (as Peta have done), and delay the move into China until the laws and regulations have changed. 
Urban Decay's move into China is just a thinly veiled plan to make a profit. It is clear that Urban Decay views their 'anti-animal testing stance' as a marketing gimmick. Selling in China whilst claiming they're trying to 'change things from within' is just trying to have your cake and eat it. 
 There are some consumers that aren't concerned with animal testing, and no doubt Urban Decay will have their continued custom, as well as all the new custom from China. But compassionate consumers are not convinced by your poor excuses, and will no longer purchase your products. I doubt you care, as the dollars rolling in from China should silence your conscience quite effectively. Allow me to suggest a more fitting name for your company - 'Moral Decay'.

Thank-you for reading,
Former Urban Decay Fan,
Emma Carvell

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