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Thursday, 31 January 2013

Arabic/Indian Bridal Look Breakdown

Whilst contemplating ideas for a blog post, I realised something. My blog is entitled 'The Life of a Vegan Make-up Artist', yet it doesn't give you much of a look into my life. So today, I intend to change that. Through the power of the interwebs, I invite you to join me on a photoshoot! Ready? Awesome.

We arrive at Great Portland Street station on a cold January morning, and make the short walk to the hotel where we'll be getting the model ready.
The Melia White House Hotel. Fancy. Pic via Google images.

Once there, we meet with the photographer, Angelica Roberts - all the way from America, and our model Kaahi. After friendly greetings, complaints about the weather, and assuring the photographer that the curiously named 'porridge' she'd ordered from room service was in fact oatmeal, we set up and begin our make-up.

The theme of the shoot is Indian Bridal, and I decide to go all out and do a dramatic red and gold cut crease look, with deep burgundy lips. Yay! 

After cleansing with B. Pure Micellar Water (love this), I apply a thin layer of OCC Skin Primer before applying a little Kett Fixx Creme under the eyes with a concealer brush. Then I airbrush a couple of layers of OCC Skin Foundation. I highlight the cheekbones, forehead and chin with Pris, a palest pink shimmer, and contour under the cheekbones with Taupe. I like to leave this to set before powdering, so I move on to the eyes in the meantime.

I prime the eyelids with E.L.F Mineral Eyeshadow Primer, then define the brows using a charcoal coloured Yaby shadow and an angled brush. With a tissue under the eye to catch fallout, I begin to cut the crease using the same brush and charcoal shadow. Once I'm happy with the shape, I bring out the line slightly on the top edge, blending it out with a dark taupe Yaby shadow and a Cozette pencil brush. I paint the lid with gold and red shades from my Yaby Pearl Paint Palette , mixing the shadows with a little E.L.F Studio Make-up Lock & Seal in a mixing palette to intensify the colour. I run a little of the taupe shadow under the lower lashline, and line the eyes with Yaby cake liner mixed with E.L.F Lock & Seal, extending the line dramatically at the outer and inner corners. 
After curling the lashes and applying BeautyUK LashFX Mascara, I cut some Ardell lashes down to size and apply lash glue. Whilst we wait for it to go tacky, let's do the lips!

I mix OCC Lip Tar in NSFW with a touch of Fondue to get a deep burgundy, then apply BeautyUK Lip Lust in St Tropez to the centre of the lips. 

I apply the lashes, then add more mascara to blend the fake with the natural. Now it's time to do the hair! 

I backcomb the front section of the hair to create a massive beehive, then plait long extensions into the rest of the hair. I curl some wispy tendrils around the face. Finish with lots of spray!

Now for the finishing touches! Now the foundation has set I apply E.L.F HD powder and Barry M blush. We add some jewellery to the hair and I make some last minute adjustments to the liner.

All done! Now photographer Angelica and her assistant Rita can really get to work! First we get some shots in the room.

Then Kaahi braves the cold to get some beautiful shots outside!

Good job, team!

Til next time,