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Tuesday, 28 July 2015

How to Depot/Repackage Indie Eyeshadow Samples ft Shiro

A short while ago I delved into the world of indie make-up. There are a lot of great brands out there, and so many innovative formulas and finishes. Naturally, the best way to try out new shades is to buy a sample, but they come in those annoying baggies that are so hard to work with. The solution? Repackage them into little pots! 

I recently ordered a lot of samples from Shiro's Anniversary Sale, and I want to show you how I depotted - or should I say de-baggied - them.

This was a very fiddly task - you don't want to waste any of that precious make-up, or cover your carpet in it. Best to lay a towel down first. 

Step 1
Get some 2ml pots from eBay or Amazon. Arrange them like so, and spray them evenly with 70% alcohol or surgical spirit. This is a very important step, as it ensures your containers are sterile - we don't want any nasties growing in out makeup! Allow to dry fully.

2ml pots disinfected with alcohol spray
Sorry about the powder spillage on the towel, this wasn't my first batch!
Step 2
Take your baggie, and hold it in the top left hand corner. Shake it vigorously so that centrifugal force pulls all the powder to the right/bottom of the baggie. if you hold it up to the light, it should look something like this:

Sample baggie repackaging

Step 3
Now, using clean, sharp scissors, cut the top off of the baggie so that the seal is completely removed. The seal will catch powder as you try to empty the bag.

Cutting Sample baggie

Step 4
Before you pour your sample into the pot, take the sticker on the sample bag and place it on the lid of your pot. You may have to trim it.

Step 5
If you try to pour out the powder straight away, the sides of the baggie will stick together and make it very difficult. Carefully open the baggie like so to prevent this.

Open Sample Baggie

Step 6
Pour carefully. You may need to tap the bottom to get the last of it out.

Step 7
If your pots come with a sifter, insert this now. (Note - these should have been sanitised with alcohol like the pots)

Step 8
Screw on the lid and you're done! 

Do you want to see the rest of my haul?

Eye shadows

Neutral Cool, Neutral Warm and Bright
I got Neutral Cool, Neutral Warm, and Bright Sample Packs.

Shiro Neutral Cool Sample Set
Neutral Cool Sample Set

Shiro Neutral Warm Sample Set
Neutral Warm Sample Set
Shiro Brights Sample Set
Brights Sample Set
Shiro Samples
Extra Samples

Shiro Red in My Ledger
Shiro Red in My Ledger Gloss
I adore this lipgloss, it's become my new favourite lip product! You can apply it thinly or thickly for a different intensity, and it wears off to a beautiful stain on the lips!

Hope this post has been informative. I've been loving the products, Shiro has gained a fan in me!

Til' next time,

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