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Friday, 7 August 2015

Conceal Dark Circles, the Vegan Way!

Covering dark circles is one of the top things clients ask me about. Whether they're caused by lack of sleep, allergies, or hyperpigmentation, they can make you look tired, drawing attention away from pretty eyes.

But don't worry! Help is at hand! My simple tutorial will have you disguising dark circles like a pro!
I've had dark circles since I was a child. Mine are hereditary, and don't fade no matter how much sleep I get! This makes me the perfect model for this tutorial! Our cruelty-free, vegan dark circle fighting arsenal. These are my favourite products to use, they perform so well.

  • Small, synthetic hair concealer/lip brush
Step one

Start with moisturised, primed skin. Apply a small amount of peach or orange corrector to the darkest part of the circle. Your finger will apply too much, use a small brush. Step two

Blend it up to the lower lashline with your finger using a gentle patting motion. Step Three

Using your finger, apply high coverage concealer to the dark circle using a patting motion. Continue to pat, adding more if necessary, until the circle is covered and the concealer is blended into the surrounding skin. Blend a little over the upper eyelid to counteract any darkness there. Avoid using a concealer that is too light, as the circle could turn grey. I'm using a shade darker than my normal skin tone. Step four

Using a powder brush, apply mineral foundation or concealer to the entire eye area. Use a patting or dabbing motion to press it into the concealer. This will set your concealer and add more coverage. Step five Finished! Apply the rest of the your makeup and you're ready!

Let me know if you enjoyed this tutorial. Are there any other tutorials you'd like to see from me? Til Next Time, Emma xXx


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  2. Hi i have a very bad dark circle..what color should i choose for dark skin using occ brand.tq in advance

  3. Hey Emma, I am finally going all vegan on my beauty products! Just wondering where you get your makeup/skincare products? x

    1. Hey! Skincare from Superdrug or Paula's Choice (paulaschoice.co.uk they have a list of the few non vegan products here - http://www.paulaschoice.com/who-we-are/animal-testing-and-by-products/)

      Make-up from B. at Superdrug, Lily Lolo (not all vegan) Barry M (vegan products have a green v on the ingredients on the website) Gosh (vegan list is online). There are also loads of my favourite makeup brands under the vegan tabs on cocktailcosmetics.co.uk and cutecosmetics.co.uk :)

  4. I like your blogs very much, I always do. And I am so excited to share this experience with your readers. I just recently tried Cologne for Men from Perfumora.com and it was out of this world but this one that you mentioned is next on my list.