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Tuesday, 19 December 2017

Becoming A Vegan Makeup Artist: Kit Recommendations, Hair Session Styling

It's very rare to be a makeup artist without needing to work as a session hairstylist too. Here are the tools to get the job done. It's a lot, but the trick is to know what you'll need beforehand and only bring the items required.

Pic via denmanbrush.com

Denman Brush - This is the best hairbrush. Great at detangling, kind to hair (the kind of brush with bobbles at the end of each tine can trap the strands and cause breakage.) Super easy to dismantle for thorough cleaning. It also comes with a beechwood handle for those trying to reduce the use of plastic.

Tail Comb - for sharp partings, precise sectioning, and general combing. Wooden version for those reducing plastic use.

Backcombing Brush - Be careful with these, as they often contain boar bristles, make sure they are synthetic.

Sectioning Clips - vital for creating styles.

Pic via salonsdirect.com
Pincurl Clips - to hold a curl in place while it sets.

Bobby Pin Set - in a variety of colours and shapes.

Hair Ties in various colours - get the kind without metal to avoid snagging.

Clear small hair elastics

Bun doughnuts and hair padding in different sizes and colours.


Heat Protectant Spray

Dry Shampoo

Hair Gel

Matte Wax

Heat Protective Mat - safety first, kids!

Straighteners Useful for straight looks and loose curls or waves.

  • Tongs

I liked to have 2 of each set of tongs so I could work faster. The kind with a clip to hold the hair is best, as it can be held with one hand. Wrap one section, clamp and ask the client to hold the tongs. Wrap next section, swap tongs with the client, slide off the curl and pin if necessary. Repeat until the full head is complete. (Be careful, if you're too slow with the next section, the first section could burn! Time is of the essence.)

Tongs, narrow barrel

Tongs, medium barrel 

Pic via salonsdirect.com

Tongs, large barrel

Tongs, extra large barrel

Hairdryer - This won't often be needed, but it's necessary to have.

Hood Attachment Great to set velcro or bendy rollers.

Bendy rollers of various sizes - you can often find the greatest selection of these for the best prices at your local beauty supply or Afro-Carribean beauty supply shops.

So hopefully, these posts have helped you get a good idea of what to carry in your kit. But how to carry it? Don't worry, I've got you covered with the next post.

Til Next Time,

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